Kitchen Remodel

Full remodel, gutted kitchen.
Added island
everything else new from the ground up.


Mt. Ashland



It's in the details...

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, you will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.

“Tom Forderer, owner of Swiss Construction, is a true master of his craft. When I started looking for a builder to listen to my ideas of a remodel/room and garage addition to my 1942 home, most of them tried to talk me into something that I didn’t want or what they thought it should be. Tom was the exact opposite, he embraced my older home and actually was excited to make my ideas a reality. Not once did he or his crew complain about the way the home was built or the roadblocks that were encountered along the way….and with an older home unforeseen circumstances will be expected. Tom has such a creative eye and worked alongside of me every step of the way incorporating a new addition onto my older home so that it looked like it had always been there. The job exceeded my expectations! Tom is also very versatile, as I know firsthand what he can do with vintage homes but I have also seen his work with modern design, once again he is an artist. I cannot say enough positive things about Swiss Construction and being a real estate broker, I have seen plenty of homes!”

~ Cindy PriestleyJohn L. Scott Real Estate